Gichin Funakoshi The Father of Modern Karate Born in Naha City, Okinawa in 1868, he began to study karate at the age of 11. In the early spring of 1922 Master Funakoshi traveled to Tokyo to present his art at the First National Athletic Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education. Master Funakoshi placed great emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the art and karate took a deeper and broader meaning, so the word DO (The way) was added and become Karate-Do, literally "the way of the empty hand". Training in Karate-Do become an education for life itself. On April 26th, 1957 Gichin Funakoshi died in Tokyo at 88 years of age. He produced one of the world's most renowned instructors, Masatoshi Nakayama, whom he left to continue his teaching.

The Shotokan Code Master Funakoshi wrote 20 guiding principles and he mandated that five of his 20 principles should be posted in all Shotokan Dojo. The clear adherence to these guiding principles distinguish Shotokan practicioners as true martial artist. The 5 Key Principles Hitotsu! Jinkaku kansei ni stuttomuru koto (Seek perfection of character) Hitotsu! Makoto no michi o mamoru koto (Be faithful) Hitotsu! Doryoku no seichin o yashinau koto (Endeavor) Hitotsu! Reigi o omonzuru koto (Respect others) Hitotsu! Kekki no yu o imachimuru koto (Refrain from violent behavior)

Masatoshi Nakayama was born in 1913 in Kanazawa, Japan. His father was an Army Doctor and studied Judo. The family was station in Taipei, Taiwan. Upon his return to Japan, Nakayama found that many of his karate peers, as well as the Shoto-Kan Dojo itself, had perished because of the war. He began to organize classes again and in 1949, he helped to found the Japan Karate Association, with would be incorporated as an educational body under the Ministry of Education in 1955. On April 14th, 1987, Masatoshi Nakayama died at the age of 74. Until his death, he continued to travel, teach, write books about karate (over 20). He was a true master who understood and lived Master Funakoshi's philosophies and ideas, and spend his life passing them on to the world.



Shotokan Karate Alliance International- SKAI 

Master Hisashi Matsuda 7th DAN (Seven Degree Black Belt) Born April 23, 1949 in Gifu, Japan Studied Judo at school and begun practicing karate at the end of High School. He continues teaching karate today in Gifu, Japan. 


Master Yasuyuki Aragane 7th DAN (Seven Degree Black Belt) Born June 24, 1951 in Kawasaki, Japan Studied Judo at school and begun practicing Karate at Hosei University in Tokyo. Spend two year teaching Karate in Germany and he has many years of experience teaching abroad. 


 SHIHAN SHINJI AKITA Akita Sensei was born in Gifu, Japan and began practicing karate at the age of twelve under Matsuda and Aragane Sensei. At the age of eighteen, he joined the famous Takudai Karate Club at the Takushoku University in Tokyo, where he trained under Tsuyama Sensei. Today Akita Sensei is the Chief Instructor of SKAI based in Germany . He is also travel and visit the Calgary Dojo two times a years as he is Technical Adviser to the SKA Canada. Shotokan Karate Association Canada - 

SKA AND SKAI CANADA CHIEF INSTRUCTOR SKA CANADA- SALINAS SENSEI Salinas Sensei received his 5TH DAN BLACK BELT from MASTER H. MATSUDA on 2008 in Akutami, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.  Salinas Sensei has been teaching karate for more than 40 years and he has taught in South America, Ontario Canada and Nassau Bahamas. Hombu Dojo for the SKA CANADA is located in Calgary, AB.  Canada.